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Old Japanese Families

16 images (work in progress)


The Japanese Imperial family is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world. The royal lineage dates back over 2,660 years. 

There are numerous Japanese families that trace their family lineage back over 2,000 years and many others that have maintained the same profession for over fifteen generations. This includes farmers, Buddhist and Shinto priests, and families in the arts and crafts fields.

These images are from an ongoing series to document the individuals born into historical Japanese families. All of these individuals live with a keen awareness of time and their place in history. They can remind us that we are all participants in the making of history, regardless of how active we are in the shaping of its contours. What history are you making? 


​Edition of 9

Image size 10.24" x 10.24" (260 x260mm), 

Paper size 13" x 12.5"  (330 x 320mm)

© 2020 Everett Kennedy Brown

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