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Fading Beauty

09 images (2009-present)


These images were inspired by the Dueno Elegy poems of the German poet Rainier Rilke.

Rilke wrote well about the ephemeral nature of beauty. We reach out to it, feel it in our hands for a moment, or maybe longer, before it eventually fades away or disappears. This is the way of life. The power of beauty is that it heightens our sensory awareness to life and also life's impermanence. 


In Japanese there is the expression 物の哀れ.Literally it means "the pathos of things." It also refers to "a sensitivity to ephemera." In these images I have attempted to use the characteristics of the collodion process to give expression to this sensibility. Like beauty, the photographic chemicals age and lose their sensitivity to the light that gives life vitality. This is why I love images and strive to make them. 


Edition of 09

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