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『Archaic Future: ひとつながりの記憶』Harvest Publishers, Matsue, 2020

A 1,000 print edition of created in the Izumo region of Japan, renowned for it's ancient mythology and timeless landscapes. The images tell the story of the land, the mythology of the region, and of the people who continue to live with the ancient memories in their hearts.

63 glass plate images with an introduction by Japanese novelist, Randi Taguchi and Afterward by Deborah Klochko, Executive Director, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

​Fine Press Edition of eight is sold out.


Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Curiosity Invitational Exhibition at Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo, Japan

20 October to November 12, 2020


​Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia


Masters of Contemporary Japanese Photography Exhibition at the

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia,

24 September to November 22, 2020


Exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece


Foretold: Stories that draped the body, an international collective art project held at The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece,

25 September to November 15, 2020


New Book Publication (In Japanese)

​September, 2020

『京都派の遺伝子』 Tankosha Publishers, Kyoto


This book of essays explores the characteristics of Kyoto as an arts center during its 1,200 year history, while offering a vision of the city as an international arts center in the 21st century. The essays were originally published as a series in the Japanese cultural journal Nagomi. The book includes photographs by the author of sixteen leading international artists deeply influenced by Kyoto, and an Afterward by Alex Kerr.

​An English language edition is being planned.


New Book Publication (In Japanese)

July, 2020


Kobunsha Publishers, Tokyo


A book of dialogues with the best selling writer Enzo Hayakawa that explores the somatic wisdom traditions of Japan. Included with the text is a series of photographic artwork by the author

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